Terrence at the Xuzhou comic and anime festival
At the dawn of the millennium I was fed up. I had enough of the system. I tried for years to get things done through "proper channels". I wrote scripts, did pitches, and presented my ideas to all the right people, and sometimes things got through. In the end, though, I would only see my grand dreams butchered beyond recognition, and my stories become something wholly foreign to me. I decided that if I wanted to get a project done, I had to do it myself. This started me on the path to discover exactly how to do that. The results led me on a grand adventure, around the world, and took me ever closer to fulfilling those grand dreams.

Terrence teaches how to draw anime style at the Shanghai Comic and Animation Festival

While working in the video game industry, I began to study all the facets of putting a production together, not just the graphics and animation, but I studied sound FX editing and music, post production and even voice work. I took all that learned in that time and put it to use making my first, 3D, cel shaded, short animated film, Understanding Chaos. In that project, I not only did the animation by myself, I also did the sound FX editing, composed the music score and voiced every single character, some of them even in Japanese! That short film exploded onto the internet to immense popularity. It was downloaded so much that my internet provider shut me down. Suddenly I found myself being interviewed by magazines and websites from nearly every continent. I even got an email of praise from someone in Japan, at my favorite anime studio, Production I.G.

Original, 3D, cel shaded animation, Understanding Chaos
Not long after, I self published that 3D, cel shaded, animation on DVD, with the idea of showing you how it was done. With the extra feature Chaos: From Dream to Reality, I proved that you don't need millions of dollars or major studio backing, but could make your own animation projects come to life right now, today! I placed a few advertisements in animation magazines popular at the time and began to sell my DVD myself. I was able to leave the game industry and focus on creating my own animation and original projects, and people took notice! I was invited to China, to speak at the prestigious Beijing Film Academy about my techniques. I was also invited to speak before a large audience in Japan and even given a booth, decorated with my artwork, from which I could sell my anime style movie on DVD. Then, like magic, I was invited to visit Production I.G.

Global manga World of Hartz from TOKYOPOP
When I returned, I was noticed by TOKYOPOP, which at the time was the leading manga publisher in America, bringing some of the most popular Japanese comics to the english speaking world. They had the idea to create what they called Global Manga, or Japanese style comics penned by artists outside Japan. This led to the creation of my first original, published manga, World of Hartz. Doing a 175 page manga by myself, working with the editors and a major publishing company, was another new experience. Just like when I worked in games, I was able to take everything I learned about how it was done by the big players and adapt it to my own techniques and processes. I learned just what it takes to get a book to market and all the difficulties involved. I learned about publicizing my work and how to get audiences, ever hungry for something new, to find their way to a product.

The World of Hartz manga wasn't the only project I did with TOKYOPOP. They also took my first, 3D, cel shaded, short film, and my second OVA project Shadowskin, a slightly longer original video animation, and combined them onto a new DVD called Anime: Concept to Reality. They also took my extra features and created an all new instructional program to show you how it was done. I learned all the advantages and disadvantages of working with a large publishing company, and that what many independent artists and authors say is certainly true. Although I had the opportunity to return and do another book with TOKYOPOP, There was still more to learn, more to create, and more worlds of experience out there I had to gain. I wanted to continue to expand my skill set and gain the ability to create even larger projects, so I moved on.

SyFy Channel film Manicore
Throughout the years, especially while working in the video game world, I also spent a lot of time exploring, learning and using 3D animation software. I dabbled with tools like Lightwave 3D, 3D Studio MAX, Maya, Vue Infinite, Poser and modo. What I learned, both in the industry and while working on independent projects, allowed me to work on films in Hollywood, from which I built my 3D animation show reel. Working on films for companies like Warner Bros. NBC Universal and Sony, I once again had the opportunity to learn how it was done in the big leagues. This also meant I could once again apply and adapt what I learned in the major studios to my own creative processes. I began to feel like all the pieces had finally come together.

In 2008, when the writer's strike came upon Hollywood I began to travel out in the world, seeking the path to creating my ultimate projects. I was seeking the lowest cost of production, or living for that matter, and the best techniques to be found. This took me to The Philippines, Korea, Japan and now China. As my creative journey continues, I am passing on everything I have learned to you! With video tutorial courses like my Final Independent Animation Training, teaching you how to make your own animation, you can see how everything I learned over the years comes together to allow you to get started on your dream project now! With my Anigen Final Secrets video you can see the fastest and most effective animation technique I have developed to date. That's only the beginning. As I continue to learn, teach and create, I am committed to showing the world that you don't need to wait for Hollywood to discover you. You really don't need millions of dollars or major studio backing. You can do your dream project right now, today, and this website will show you how!

Terrence Teaching how to make animation in China