2D Training Bundle teaches you how to make animation


Storyboards and Animatics
TVP Animation has amazing features for doing storyboards. Whether you want to storyboard your project for print, or create a complete video animatic with sound FX and music, this video will get you up and running faster than you ever thought possible. You will see how to draw anime and learn how quickly your project can spring to life and begin telling your story! (1 video)

Natural Media Painting
TVP Animation includes a number of natural media brushes that give you the feel of painting on real canvas. You will learn how easily you can create very natural background paintings, to complement your animation, using these new tools. You will also learn some simple techniques to make the most of these tools and get up to speed painting your backgrounds in minutes! (1 video)

Drawing Beautiful Girls
In this training video, we're going to dive into the basic concepts used for drawing female characters. You will learn how to draw anime girls and how easily you can create the beautiful character designs you want by starting with the most basic shapes and progressing from there. With this video, you will be guided step by step through the creation of the image above after learning the principals which will enable to do any image you desire! (1 video)

The Basics of Animation
In this first TVP Animation 10 training video, we're going to dive into the basic tools and techniques of 2D animation. You will learn how to draw anime so that you can create the animation you want with the simplest of tools in TVP Animation. Don't let the interface intimidate you. With this video, you will be up and animating in minutes, allowing you no worries about graduating to larger and more involved projects! (1 video)

Particle Magic
Get ready for the definitive FX package for TVPaint! In this set you get 3 hours of video training and instruction in the TVPaint particle FX system. You will learn the secrets to getting the most out of this powerful tool and add a new level of professional FX to your animation. You will also learn how it can all be incredibly easy!

“I’ve seen the basics and storyboarding tutorials i bought from you. These were the finest examples of any software tutorials I’ve seen so far in general. Really a great work. Enjoying this a lot. Thanks.”
~Marko Rop