This takes you much deeper into the world of modo lighting. You get almost 2 hours of video tutorials covering many different aspects of lighting in modo. Starting with volumetric lighting, this video will go in depth into the parameters of the volumetric panel and light material to show you how to add depth and atmosphere to your lighting setups. You will learn how adding texture can bring realism to your volumetric lights, and how to create shadow objects to give your volumetric lights that cinematic feel. This video teaches you what you want to know to get the most out of lighting your own images.

Light probe image render

That's only the beginning! This video goes even further to delve into HDR (High Dynamic Range) images, or lightprobes, to create photorealistic lighting in an environment using GI. You will learn when to add extra touches to your GI scenes to accentuate your models. You will create studio style lighting, using polygons to simulate soft boxes, to get realistic reflections in your glass and metal objects. You will even learn how to create cinematic style night time scenes.

Modo Compatibility: 10.1, 901, 801, 701, 601, 501
Project Contents: All the necessary files are provided.


  • How to create studio style setups
  • Using HDR images for lighting
  • volumetric lighting in depth
  • Create special shadow objects for volumetric effects
  • Texture your volumetric lights
  • How to setup a "day for night" lighting model
  • Add those special touches for film like effects


Terrence Walker is a published manga artist and animator having written the global manga World of Hartz for TOKYOPOP and responsible for the independent animated short films Shadowskin and Understansing Chaos, which changed the indie animation world forever. He also worked as a 3D digital artist, in Hollywood, for studios such as Sony, Warner Bros. and NBC/Universal on multiple television and feature film products.

Video is delivered by download in 1280 x 720, high definition, H.264, Quicktime format, playable on the
free quicktime player from Apple. Includes skull head and incremental scene setup files for your study! Featuring over 100 minutes of training!