Modeling, Lighting, Rendering, Compositing (03:09:12)
Creating realistic outdoor scenes is a completely different animal than doing interior setups. In an outdoor scene, you likely only have one light to play with. This means that it becomes extremely important what you do with your models and textures to bring realism to your creations. In this video, we explore this very topic, showing you how to create those imperfections in your models that separate the CG from the real. You will learn how to create textures that add life to any scene you create. You see how you can weather, beat up and grunge up your creations to give everything you do a truly natural feel. Get ready to take your modo creativity to the next level! (1 video)

Modo Compatibility: 10.1, 901, 801, 701, 601, 501
Project Contents: All the necessary files are provided.


  • Adding imperfections to models
  • Creating weathered textures
  • Using clip maps to break up edges
  • Lighting without GI
  • Using the spread angle on your light
  • Choosing the right environment
  • Gain speed through cloning


Terrence Walker is a published manga artist and animator having written the global manga World of Hartz for TOKYOPOP and responsible for the independent animated short films Shadowskin and Understansing Chaos, which changed the indie animation world forever. He also worked as a 3D digital artist, in Hollywood, for studios such as Sony, Warner Bros. and NBC/Universal on multiple television and feature film products.

Video is delivered by download in 1280 x 720, high definition, H.264, Quicktime format, playable on the
free quicktime player from Apple. Includes all textures, and elements to create your own. Also includes incremental versions of the scenes under construction for your study! Featuring over 3 hours of training!!