Character Rigging, Animation Setup (01:56:59)
In this special, character oriented, modo training video, we're looking into modo's extensive character animation setup tools! We are going to learn how we can quickly and easily setup a human character for animation, with a controlled IK (inverse kinematics) setup, getting the basics down in under one hour! We will further learn how to paint weight maps to control the quality of deformations and how to easily setup controllers for morph target driven facial animation. With all that, you get 15 scene file setups showing every single step from start to finish. Get ready to bring your characters to life and move towards creating your dream animation projects! (1 video)

Modo Compatibility: 10.1, 901, 801, 701, 601, 501
Project Contents: All the necessary files are provided.


  • skeleton tool
  • deformers
  • weight painting
  • constraints
  • IK (inverse kinematics)
  • Pose Tool
  • morph targets


Terrence Walker is a published manga artist and animator having written the global manga World of Hartz for TOKYOPOP and responsible for the independent animated short films Shadowskin and Understansing Chaos, which changed the indie animation world forever. He also worked as a 3D digital artist, in Hollywood, for studios such as Sony, Warner Bros. and NBC/Universal on multiple television and feature film products.

Video is delivered by download in 1280 x 720, high definition, H.264, Quicktime format, playable on the
free quicktime player from Apple. Includes incremental versions of the scenes under construction, plus the base character, for your study! Featuring approximately 2 hours of training!!


Speed Rigging and Character Bundle together
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