Final Independent Animation Training teaches you how to draw anime

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Understanding Chaos shows how to draw anime

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Shadowskin shows how to draw anime in 3D

Final Secrets on how to draw anime with 3D cel shading

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"In a post-apocalyptic times, where a rogue government collect children for tax, we visit a small township where an extraction starts to take place and its already taken a turn for the worst when you deny them."

The technology is here. It has been for a while. Writer/Director Julian Herring decided to make use of it to bring his own dreams to life. Thanks to the tools available to every creator today, he was able to write, direct, edit, and using Lightwave 3D, do all the VFX for his project.

Entered as part of the My Rode Reel 2016 short film competition, Herring hopes to win the equipment from the very large cache of prizes offered by Rode, and partners such as Blackmagic Design and Adobe, so that he may own the means of production and continue his quest to create original content his way. Check him out and vote for him here.