Final Independent Animation Training teaches you how to draw anime

Animation on a Shoestring shows how to draw anime

Understanding Chaos shows how to draw anime

Anigen Video BUndle shows how to draw anime like the pros

Shadowskin shows how to draw anime in 3D

Final Secrets on how to draw anime with 3D cel shading

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Final Independent Animation Training teaches you how to draw anime movie
Winter is coming and bringing with it the many holidays around the world. What better time then to have a great sale? This gives you great deals on many products in the ArtFX Content Shop, including Final Independent Animation Training for over 30% off! If you want to learn how to draw anime movies, and you missed the opportunity to get this amazing course, featuring 30 hours of video training to give you everything you need to get your projects off the ground, now is the chance to get it. Act fast, as this offer will not be available for long!


I recently did an interview with Animation Career Review, a website positioning itself to become the authority in the animation/design space for aspiring professionals seeking information on schools, field specific salary/employment information, software/technology, and related subjects. The interviews, which feature many names in the industry, are designed to give aspiring animators and design professionals a perspective on the work being done in the industry, what skills employers value, and, from a bigger picture standpoint, to convey to them that there are many opportunities in the industry, and not only in huge firms like Pixar, Disney, and DreamWorks.

You can check my interview, and my thoughts on independent animation and the industry today, by
clicking here.


GMO Shoujo a new 3D cel shaded anime project

WOW! It's been over two months since I released the first chapter of my new series Paragon. That is not to say I have been lounging around here, though. As I may have mentioned before, some of the other projects I have been working on may appear on this site. This is one of them! GMO少女, or GMO Girl, is my latest short animation. Have a look. You can watch it on the page or download it in HD. I am not, however, getting sidetracked from Paragon. Look for chapter 2 of that series coming real soon! Until then, check out GMO少女!