Final Independent Animation Training teaches you how to draw anime

Animation on a Shoestring shows how to draw anime

Understanding Chaos shows how to draw anime

Anigen Video BUndle shows how to draw anime like the pros

Shadowskin shows how to draw anime in 3D

Final Secrets on how to draw anime with 3D cel shading

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You Wanna Learn How to Draw Manga?

Click the image above and you'll be taken to my media page where you'll find a new video, based on a new idea that recently came to me. It might be more apt to say that resurfaced, since I may have mentioned this before. The idea here is whether or not we sometimes have too much reliance on the tools. Don't get me wrong. Great tools allow us to do what was once impossible, but I am talking about if one doesn't have all the right tools, or hasn't yet mastered them, but they have ideas, imagination and are itching to get stories told.

In the past, I mentioned avenues such as visual novels and graphic novels, but that takes on new meaning today. Today we have the iPad2 and a mobile phone market, worldwide, which is seeing constantly increasing screen sizes with better resolution and color. Most of these mobile customers want content, and many of them happen to be fans of manga and animation. These are new avenues just waiting to be explored.

So what if you don't have Maya, 3DS Max, or whatever tools you may think you need to get your idea across in movie form. I am willing to bet you have a paint program. It doesn't really matter which program because they all basically have the same tools and workflow, which hasn't changed since DPaint on the Amiga in 1989. With your handy paint program, you can begin creating something cool right now. If you say you can draw very well, I am now going to show you how!