Learn how to draw anime with 3D cel shading and mocap

As I am sure you know, especially if you want to learn how to make anime, my Anigen Final Secrets video delivers the fastest, easiest and most versatile system for creating high quality animation that I have ever developed. Still, what if there was a way to add even more power to this amazing technique? Well, there is, and it is not anywhere near as expensive as one might think.

I have been hearing about Microsoft Kinect for some time, but I never really took the time to look into it deeply. I had even heard it was used for low cost motion capture, but I had no idea how low, or just what was really involved. Now that I have looked into it, the results I have discovered are nothing short of amazing.

The Kinect device itself is something of an innovation in its own right. I was surprised to learn that its original purpose wasn't really for motion capture per se, but as a type of human movement driven game controller for the Microsoft XBox 360. Basically a player could stand before this device and their on screen character would copy their motions in realtime. You can imagine how this might work for a boxing or tennis type game. Apparently, many people imagined this because it sold something like 10 million units in a very short time, becoming the fastest selling consumer electronics product in the world.

Someone at the company Ipi Soft, however, saw a different possibility with this machine. They saw a means by which you could use this device to do motion capture, without the need of spandex suits and markers, and without multiple, expensive infrared cameras. With this one device, and their software, you are ready to go, and you see your results in realtime! They export to all the popular mocap file formats and it works in just about any tool you might want to use, including Poser or even the free Blender. Imagine what this means for the world of independent content creation and those who want to learn how to make anime! The techniques of Anigen Final Secrets, combined with the most affordable mocap system ever devised is a sure win!

When I talk about affordable, this Kinect device costs around $150 USD. The software, which does have a 30 day free trial, ranges from $395 to $895 depending on which version you need. That's it! You are up and running with your own motion capture studio! They call it motion capture for the masses and it seems they are not kidding. Go to Youtube and search Kinect Motion capture and you will see plenty of samples of what is possible. This is really the future. You don't need millions of dollars or major studio backing. This statement couldn't be more true than it is today!


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