You can learn to draw your own anime
It's that time of year again, where one expects pumpkins, candy and lots of fake spider webs. Of course we don't have any of that here in China, so I decided to draw up a little something fun for the holiday. Thus, I give you the WITCH DOCTOR! Get it? Witch Doctor? GYAAAHAHAHAHA!!!

Anyway, there's a lot of interesting information about the real history of witches floating around on the net these days. Especially interesting is where the legend of the witches flying around on broom sticks comes from. Look it up. You might be very surprised. Also of note is what may be the true basis behind the epidemic of witch trials and that there was a lot more to gain from them than something ass simple as stamping out paganism. What might that be? The same thing that is behind so many major movements, money! It is said that, in that day, women could only own property through marriage. So, if a widow who owned a great deal of land were to be branded a witch and burned, the accuser, the state or the church suddenly gets all that land, free and clear. Witch hunting was good business apparently.

You never see these kinds of stories being told in animation do you? So why should you think about them? Well, consider this: you are an unknown indie who wants to make your anime and independently publish. It is unrealistic to think that a load of customers are going to drop $20, or so, for your DVD without the marketing dollars a company like DIsney or Dreamworks puts behind a product launch. For this reason, if you did something in the same vein as those large outfits, no matter how well done it might be, chances are you will get lost in the competition.

The key is, of course, to do something wildly different. Do something that the customer cannot get from the majors, thus giving them a reason to take a look at you. If you did something that truly stands apart from the mainstream you can find yourself in a true to life, "If you build it, they will come" situation. Word of mouth will spread. People who are looking specifically for what you have to offer will be led to you and they will happily open their wallets. Piracy will not even be a consideration.

Like Nintendo did when they created some "out there" concepts like Nintendogs or that cooking game, and suddenly the elderly and housewives became avid gamers, you may find yourself with an audience who may not have otherwise watched any animation were it not for what you created.

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