The Adventures of Jamel — Episode 1: "Connecticut" from The Adventures of Jamel on Vimeo.

The internet has truly changed everything. Technology in general had changed everything and, because of this, Indies have a voice. One example of this is The Adventures of Jamel: Time Traveling B-Boy. This is an independently produced comedy series premiering on Vimeo. That in and of itself is a huge part of this revolution. Thanks to sites like Vimeo, Youtube and a few others, indies have palace to premiere their work. Of course, they can even do so on their own website with the tools available to today. That, however, is only one piece of the puzzle.

Back in the original Anigen series, I began to talk about cameras. Since this show is live action, this bears some discussion. An indie can get an HD camera, that shoots 24 FPS, similar to film, and that delivers a professional film look, for under $1000 USD. Depending on your production budget, you can go higher and higher, but even the top of the line cameras available now cost less than 10% what it used to in order to shoot at a quality equal to a major motion picture. The indie can own the means of production.

On a simple laptop, an indie can have the post production, editing and visual FX tools previously reserved for multi-million dollar Hollywood studios. There is nothing stopping an indie from creating a show that is in every way competitive with works on major Tv channels or in cinemas. It is happening right now. It is already being done.

The final aspect is getting it out there. Well, how did I find out about this show? Sharing! This is the greatest weapon in the indie arsenal. People who use sites like Vimeo can link to their own social networking circles and get their followers to link it to theirs. People can spread the word with a click of a button, a button that will put the entire show right in front of new viewers. Word of mouth alone has made immense successes of some indie short films and series. The key is patience and persistence. Very few indie productions go viral overnight. The true creator must be prepared to build their audience over time, even if it is years. They must not give up, as I have seen many do, just when things are about to take off. You can’t stop digging 1 meter from the gold.

There has never been a better time to get your show done. You don’t need millions of dollars or major studio backing. You just need patience and the right tools and you can do anything!

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