Things are really starting to move! A special thanks to Paul Griswold of for getting the ball rolling with our first contribution. I am sure this is the beginning of the snowball rolling down the hill. Still, there's more! Thanks to recent developments, it is starting to look like I will be able to set up shop a lot sooner than I expected. This means being able to devote more time and resources to making this project happen!

I am very excited about what has been happening over these last several weeks, but the things I foresee coming, in the next few weeks, are even more exciting, possibly challenging and, like my explanations of my experiences when I was actually there, more mind expanding!

Remember, back then I said the experience was life changing. I found I had less interest in the things that used to clamor for my attention. I found myself wanting something different from life, from work, from everything. Now, it seems, some of those desires are actually coming to pass.

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