Samsung Announces New Galaxy Note

It really is starting to seem like this is the tablet to get, for now, but my main reason for getting any tablet is to be able to draw on the go, like having a real sketchpad, and ditch lugging around the laptop. What I mean by this is that if you remove the pressure sensitive stylus, and any real drawing features, I would surely get an iPad too.

The reality of my situation is that I am not going to take my laptop everywhere I go. I don't even want to. I use it at home and I use it in the office, but if I am taking a bus to the country to visit people, the laptop is not going with me. A tablet, however, would! Also, once you add the need for a separate wacom tablet to the laptop, it is no longer as portable as one may think. I use it set up on my desk in one spot. I couldn't lounge around in the living room and draw if I chose to. Lately, I have been doing that with a pencil and sketchpad. The tablet would open these doors as well.

I would love if the tablet had phone features as well, eliminating yet another device to carry around, but it has already been stated the new Galaxy Note will not have this. Samsung appears to be positioning this as their iPad Killer, and their reaction to Apple CEO Tim Cook's remarks against Android tablets indicates they are certainly concerned about this competition. Every Android manufacturer is really. HTC added a pressure sensitive stylus to their Flyer and, from what I read, it didn't go over very well. From my standpoint, as an artist, any 7" tablet is just too small.

Somewhere I read that Wacom themselves will be jumping into the fray with tablet really targeted at artists. Considering Wacom's track record, I imagine this one will be one to watch, but I also imagine it will be priced well out of the range of most users, who likely wish to combine the artist friendly features with those of other tablets on the market. No matter what features one throws on a tablet, once the price starts going over $500, people will begin to question how useful this device is, and will certainly measure it up against the iPad. One of the greatest arguments of competitors to Apple in the past has always been that they offer more features and functionality for a lower price point that Apple's expensive products. Some of these Android tablets seems to have completely forgotten that. Very few people will buy a $1000 tablet when all the marketing messages are sticking the name "iPad" in their head before all others.


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