Drawing on the larger Bamboo Pen Tablet

I wrote before about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 inch tablet and my desire to draw on such devices, considering my experiences on the Mirage Nomad tablet I used in the days of Anigen. That tablet is, however, not out yet, and I certainly wouldn't want to postpone drawing until it should arrive. I however, was not entirely happy with the small tablet I had been using. It was great for its mobility and easily transportable in my bag as I travelled, but the drawings I was producing on it were not up the quality I desired, certainly not compared to what I could do on paper.

I may have mentioned sometime ago that Wacom invited me to test the Inkling some months before its release. As a thanks for that testing they gave me a much larger Bamboo than what I had been using. Since mine was also near 4 years old, the newer Bamboo featured 1025 levels of pressure, as opposed to 256 and a larger 16x9 drawing area. I hadn't really used it much though.

Practice how to draw anime on the new Bamboo Pen Tablet

Recently I decided to bring it out and develop what I could on it. Thinking about what Robert Rodriguez would say, you have to make the show you can with the tools you have, right? So I began to practice, and every day I improved a little. Now I am quite satisfied with the drawings and animation I can do on this new tablet. My speed is increasing as well. It makes a big difference in my creative process. Thanks to the new brushes I have been exploring in TVPaint, I am even developing new methods of drawing and painting backgrounds which I had not delved into before and I am happy with the results.

More practicing how to draw anime on the new Bamboo Pen

While I agree with the sentiment that one must make the best show they can with what they have. There is some measure by which you must have the right tools. Nothing could, for example, make me be satisfied with the drawings done on that small, old tablet. And one does need to be happy with their creation if a project is ever to get finished. While waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 inch tablet may not be advised, sometimes it can be beneficial to at least wait for something that is good enough.


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