I decided it was time to do something a little different. I decided it was time to move things to the next level. What you are about to witness may very well be the future of indie animation, if not independent content creation all together. From the beginning, back when I made my own anime called Understanding Chaos, I always said you don't need millions of dollars or major studio backing. That was based on the technology of the year 2000. Today that statement holds more true than ever. Today we can do more on a single laptop than I could do with the whole room full of equipment with large cables running everywhere that it took to make my first indie animation happen.

Compared to Hollywood, what you really need to make your own anime project work is very little! The important thing, of course, is that you need to survive, while you make your project. You need to keep the lights on and keep food in your belly. If you have a family, you should probably keep them fed as well. When I did that first film, I was still working in EA Games in Las Vegas, working only nights and weekends to make my own anime. You can certainly do that for a short film, but attempting it on a feature project could lead to many bad consequences unless you are of extremely strong constitution.

Now, it seems, some brilliant people have found a way that may enable you to devote everything to your project and raise the funds necessary to do so. That way is called crowd funding, meaning that rather than seeking out a single venture capitalist to put money into your dreams, you seek out a large number of people, the very people who would be most interested in seeing your project come to life, and seek out small contributions from them. I am doing so with Paragon, using the site Indie GoGo. Other sites, such as Kickstarter offer similar serviced. This is something I recommend seriously considering as you move towards your next project.

Also, if you would be interested in supporting this project, click on the widget above and visit my campaign page. Help spread the word. Tell your friends. We can make history together!

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