It may be time for me to accept that Windows still rules this world and that I need to seriously consider getting something like this:


"HP will be showing off the new ZBook x2 at Adobe's Max conference today, raising the stakes for pro-level 2-in-1 devices after Microsoft announced its Surface Book 2 yesterday… HP is labeling the ZBook as a detachable workstation and claiming it's the "world's most powerful detachable PC." Nonetheless with a starting price of $1,749, the ZBook can't help but be compared to its fellow Windows hybrid system." — from ZDnet.com

Even though it is clearly more expensive than getting one of the new Cintiq Pro models to attach to my Mac, there are other reasons for this. We still, after all these years, live in a world where certain tools are developed for Windows only. One such tool would be Akeytsu, the 3D character animation tool I learned about on my recent trip to Japan. Another, is one of the most amazing tools I have seen released in ages, CACANi.

Although I am not suggesting that I would move over to CACANi in lieu of TVPaint, but apparently they can work well together, and why not have more tools for the arsenal!? Getting a Cintiq on my MacBook would certainly mean I could draw better, but I would still be excluded from using these new, amazing tools, or, at best, waiting around until they decide to do a Mac port.

Now, granted, I don't have two pennies to rub together right now, so I am not sure how I'll be getting any of these expensive tools. I guess the first step will be to get creative with what I have and start making stuff again!!

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